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Born in 1948. A composer, pianist, conductor. He is writing arrangement for big bands, chamber and symphonic orchestras. Graduated from the Music Academy in Sarajevo, dept. of ethnomusicology and conducting. 1982-1983. He attended the Berkley College of Music, Boston (USA), a course in arranging. In 1981 he participated in Eurovision Song contest as an arranger and conductor. Has been a member of a Sarajevan pop/rock group INDEXI for many years. Has been collaborating with many ensemblles playing classic music, pop, rock (Sarajevo Phylcharmonic orchestra, Sarajevo Opera orchestra, Symphonic orchestra of RTV Slovenia, Choir and Orchestra "Glinka" from St. Petersbourgh, rock group "Bijelo Dugme", etc.). Writes music for films, TV, theatre ("Perfect Circle" by A. Kenovic, "The Scent of Quince" by M. Idrizovic, etc.). Has lived in Israel since 1992. Works as a professor of jazz harmony and arranging at the "Hed" College of Contemporary Music in Tel Aviv.

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