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An asthmatic grandmother (SAFA) and her six months old granddaughter (baby) have arrived with a humanitarian convoy from the war-torn Sarajevo to a peaceful town on the Adriatic..
Their neighbor, Stipe, an alcoholic, is making hell of their life. He makes problems on daily basis and complicate their life. In one of her fits of asthma, having no choice, the Grandmother knocks at the door of Stipe and hands over the baby to him. Stipe (temporary) takes care of the Baby. Grandmother has died in the hospital. Stipe stays alone with the baby. He is clumsy and funny. Baby becomes his sense of life. He is no longer willing to give the Baby to anyone.
At one point, somebody knocks on his door. Stipe recognizes Jasmina’s mother. Despite huge emotional breaks he gives the Baby back to her mother.
Stipe is alone again.

Category: Feature
Format: HDCAM / 35mm
Duration: 90 min
Production date: 2009
Ismet Arnautalic
Assistant of Director:
Daniela Gogic
Set Designers:
Vedran Hrustanovic / Naida Begovic
Nedzad Begovic
Cast: Zijah Sokolovic / Nada Djurevska / Amila Djikoli / Amina Begovic / Zlatan Zuhric / Iija Zovko / Aleksandar Seksan / Mediha Musliovic / Mirvad Kuric / Emina Muftic / Tatjana Soic
Ismet Arnautalic
Ina Arnautalic / Hatidža Nuhić
Almir Djikoli
Enes Zlatar & Ranko Rihtman
Nedzad Begovic

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