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Reviewing this film the film critic from the magazine variety wrote: Destinatied to be a festival favorite, "TOTALLY PERSONAL" should be its own film school class in the art of imbuing bare-bones cinema with grace, mirth and personality.  It is a film that – using a conceptual form - covers the life span of 46 years (1958 – 2005). It is a “sufficient” time for the author to have remembrances about the childhood, about growing up in the times of Communism, Socialism or Titoism, whichever way you want to put it. The author covers these historical periods through a very personal lens by limiting himself to portrayal of his family, friends and micro events. Delving deep into his innermost self and following the chronology of his growing up, the author composes small film vignettes thereby structuring the story composed of reminiscences, thoughts and observations, and situated in different historical and social contexts. The movie had its world premiere at the famous FILM FESTIVAL “TRIBECA” in New York on the 24th April 2005. The film was the candidate of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Academy Award for the  best foreign language film in 2005.

Category: Film
Format: DVCAM / 35mm
Duration:81 min
Production date: 2004 - 2005
Ismet Arnautalic
Nedzad Begovic
Cast: Nedzad Begovic / Naida Begovic / Sabrina Begovic / Amina Begovic
Editing: Almir Meskovic /
Ismet Arnautalic
Special FX:
Ina Arnautalic / Ibro Hasanovic
Nedzad Begovic
Music: Enes Zlatar
Nedzad Begovic

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