SaGA Production - Sarajevo

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This film, by it's concept and form, will hopefully represent a new kind of filaesthetics, which could be called "Sarajevo super-realism", created by Sarajevo filmmakers living within the beseiged city with their acquired view of life as imposed by war. Through lost hopes, lost lives, lost limbs and lost nostalgia, a warning to the world emanates from Sarajevo. The only trace of hope comes from the citizens of Sarajevo who now possess an unusual responsibility: to warn the world of the horror that come to Bosnia and will spread to the rest of the world if it is not stopped.
The film had its world premiere at the Cannes film festival within the Quinzaine des Realisateurs selection.

Cast: A.Glamocak / I.Fancovic / V.Topic / S.Bejtovic / S.Bajrovic / I.Mulamuhic /M.Halilovic / M.Zirojevic
Editing: Almir Kenovic / T.Toutsoulis
Bogoljub Nikolic / T.Toutsoulis
Camera: Mirsad Herovic /
Ahmed Imamovic / Milenko Uherka / C. Cuny
Category: Film
Format: BETA SP / 35mm
Duration: 93 min
Production date: 1992 - 1994
Ismet Arnautalic / Ademir Kenovic
Directors: Pjer Zalica /
Mirza Idrizovic / Ismet Arnautalic / Ademir Kenovic

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